1:1 Technology

Strong Foundations Charter School in Pembroke, NH partnered with Utah-based iSchool Campus, which began NH’s first Smart School deployment on January 3, 2012. There are over 200 iPads, one for every student and teacher, and more than a dozen advanced iMac computers. 

This is NH’s first Smart School deployment by iSchool. Smart Schools consist of more than putting iPads in every student’s hands. This deployment creates a safe, advanced wireless and networking infrastructure with more band width than most small cities, in one school. iSchool Campus technology makes the world the student’s campus.”

Kathleen McClaskey, Former Board Chair for SFCS and President of Ed Tech Associates, remarked, “1:1 computing is the future of innovation in education. Strong Foundations has been a model school for reading instruction, the Core Knowledge© curriculum, the integration of technology in the classroom and now, 1:1 iPads in the hands of every student.  I believe that the 1:1 iPad learning environment can truly level the playing field for all students."

Beth McClure, Principal of SFCS, says, “Our affiliation with iSchool has helped us begin using 1:1 devices years ahead of schedule. We use a blended model of digital and traditional instruction, so students will have the best of both worlds. Our curriculum is one of our hallmarks, and that will stay the same. Teachers receive professional development to help them become skilled at integrating this technology into their lessons.”