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Wellness Resources

You can go to our new Health and Guidance site for wonderful content prepared by our Health and Guidance staff. Click Here for Health and Guidance Site

Read about how to strengthen your child's resilience in an article written by our own Guidance Counselor, Cindy Dickinson.

Strengthening Your Child's Resilience by Cindy Dickinson, M.Ed.

We all know those wonderfully resilient adults and children.  They seem to get through even life’s biggest trials and challenges with relative ease.  They bounce back in the face of misfortune and change.  They march through hard, scary times and come out stronger and better.

It’s good to know that we can all develop more resilience, and that you can help your child do the same.

There are three key things to remember as you explore this subject:

1.      There is a difference between surviving and thriving.  (We all want our children to thrive.)

2.     It takes time, effort, and intentionality to develop resilience, but is well worth it.

3.     You can’t do it alone.  Resilience requires the support of others.  Click here to read the rest of the article.

Healthy Habits for Wellbeing is a great reference for things we need to keep in mind during this unusual and uncertain time. There are ways we can take care of ourselves and take care of other people. The NH Department of Education has created a website called NH Learns Remotely ( There are resources for Families, Educators, and Administrators. Please follow this link to the document that can be found on the website: Healthy Habits for Well-Being