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Our History

Students experience a close-knit community.

The idea for Strong Foundations was formed as a way to provide excellent reading instruction to all students. Beth McClure, Colleen Sliva, and the founding board applied for a charter from the NH State Board of Education. Strong Foundations was approved unanimously by the State Board in 2006, and we opened our doors in 2007 with 51 students in Readiness through 4 th grade. Since 2009 we have added a grade every year until 2012, when we added 8 th grade. We have grown to almost 300 students. Our facility has grown from 6000 sq. ft. to over 22,000 sq. ft.

In 2008, Strong Foundations became the only public school in NH that is a Friend of Core Knowledge school. The rich background knowledge our students gain through the Core Knowledge curriculum helps increase their vocabulary and reading comprehension. In May 2016, our charter was unanimously renewed by the NH State Board of Education.