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Healthy Lifestyle

Research has proven that academic performance is directly affected by proper nutrition and exercise. This is what research tells us about healthy eating and exercise: In NH children ages 6-12 have an overall 32.8% overweight and obesity rate. (Source: Foundation for Healthy Communities NH Childhood Obesity Report April 2007)

Children who eat breakfast perform better in school through increased problem-solving ability; improved memory; verbal fluency; creativity; and reduced absenteeism and tardiness. (Source: American Dietetic Association)

Morning fasting has a negative effect on cognitive performance, even among healthy, well-nourished children. A test of the speed and accuracy of response on problem solving tasks given to children who did or did not eat breakfast found that skipping breakfast had an adverse influence on their performance on the tests. (Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)

Physical movement is linked to improved learning by awakening and activating mental capacities and intellectual skills; it also reduces anxiety and stress and increases self-esteem. (Source(s): Hannaford, Carla, Ph.D., Smart Moves; Why learning is not all in your head. Great Ocean Publishers, Arlington, VA, 1995; and School and Community Programs: Promoting Lifelong Physical Activity. Center for Disease Control)

It is our mission to integrate healthy eating habits along with daily exercise as part of our daily routine.

We realize that healthy living is an intentional act. We will plan intentional activities throughout the year to educate our teachers, staff, students and parents.

Our teachers and staff are a valuable key to the success of the Healthy School Project. Each will be responsible to encourage the students to have healthy habits; they will also be responsible to be good role models.

We strongly suggest that all lunches sent from home contain 3 out of the 5 food groups. Acceptable beverages are water (non flavored), 100% juice (no sugar added) and milk (white or chocolate). Not permitted to be included in lunches are candy, soda or items with no significant nutritional value.

We encourage all students eat a healthy breakfast.