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Our Teaching Staff

Our Staff

The amazing staff at Strong Foundations is one of the reasons that we are so successful. They are a group of talented and dedicated individuals who believe in the mission and future of Strong Foundations and are vital to its success and growth. Our community creates an environment that supports learning and achievement across the curriculum.

  • Mrs. McClure has a Master’s in Administration and a Master's in Learning and Language Disabilities. She is a Fellow with the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators, and she trains teachers in the Orton-Gillingham approach. Mrs. McClure says, “The best part of my school day is seeing the students and talking with them! I spend a part of every day teaching because it is my favorite part of working in our school.

  • Mrs. Avery earned her BA in Elementary Education from Southern NH University and is certified in Elementary Education and Special Education. She ihas been a foster parent and an educational surrogate parent. Mrs. Avery says about her teaching, “The driving force behind my work as an educator is my belief that all children have the ability to learn and be successful. I bring a holistic, innovative approach to teaching, relying on my organizational skills and creativity to present a structured learning environment to address the needs of children of various ability levels and cultural backgrounds.”

  • Ms. Nagy earned her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Worcester State University in Worcester, MA. She earned her national certification as a school nurse (NCSN) in 2013. She is currently enrolled at Rivier University working towards her masters degree to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. Her favorite quote is, "Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier." This is what I strive for every day with our students, families, and staff.

  • Ms. Dickinson has been a teacher and counselor longer than many of you have been alive, because she believes that working in education is the best thing a person can do. Her Guidance office door is open to all of you as well as our students, and she will most likely be asking you to help out with Drama. Please don't walk the other way when you see her coming!

  • Bachelors of Social Work, Plymouth State University
    Masters of School Counseling K-12 Candidate

    "As a Guidance Counselor, my goal is to work with families, and teachers to support each student to the best of our ability. I enjoy working with students one on one, and have a passion for teaching whole class lessons whenever I am given the opportunity. My favorite part of my job is bearing witness to the magic that happens in the classroom, and watching our students make leaps and bounds in not only their education, but also in their development as amazing and unique individuals. My goal is to make every student that enters my office feel safe, heard, and valued."

  • NH Certification: Beginning Educator Certificate, Elementary Education K-6
    B.A. Liberal Arts-California State University of San Bernardino

    "I became a teacher because I love to see a child light up when they discover that they have achieved something great. I want to see all my students have this moment in their lives and if I can help them get there that is even better. I believe that it is this moment that helps a child love to learn and that is the ultimate goal."

  • BA Notre Dame College, Elementary Education
    Certificate of Advanced Studies in Reading and Writing, Massachusetts General Hospital School of Communications, Charlestown, MA
    Masters Degree In Reading, Regis University, Weston, MA
    Training for Certification in ESOL, Expected Completion May 2022

    My primary goals as a teacher are to create a classroom where every child: feels welcome, feels safe, and develops a life-long love of learning. Seeing students that love coming to school, see school as a safe place where they can be successful academically, and build important social connections are the foundational building blocks of my daily teaching practice.

  • Miss Fleury earned her Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Grand Canyon University, AZ. She is certified in Elementary K-6 and Special Education K-12. Miss Fleury began teaching at Strong Foundations in 2013 as a Special Educator. She has been one of our First Grade Teachers for the past 5 years.

    "My passion is to shape and mold the next generation to value independent thinking and to love learning. In addition to their academic goals, I strive to teach confidence in each child to be positive members of their community by choosing love, kindness, and respect for themselves and others"

  • BA in Elementary Education, Southern New Hampshire University
    NH License: Elementary K-6

    "My goal as a teacher is to create a space where each child is able to grow as learners and know that they are cared for. I strive to build connections with each student and to instill a love of learning because when that happens, then the real growth can begin! With building those connections students know that our class is not just a class, but we are a class family. A family who helps each other, cheers for each other, and grows together."

  • B.S. Elementary Education, University of Maine
    Minor in Music
    NHTI Special Education Conversion Program
    Licensed Elementary (K-8) Educator
    Licensed Special Education Educator (K-12)

    I believe that the greatest gift you can give a child is self confidence. I remind my students of this with a quote by A.A. Milne. Always remember that you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you know.

  • BA in Early Childhood Education, Southern New Hampshire University
    NH License: Early Childhood K-2

    "My goal as an early childhood educator is to create a classroom environment that is kind, fun and engaging. My favorite quote that I live by in the classroom is, 'if you can be anything in the world, be kind.' I want every student that walks into my classroom, to know that it is a place where they are loved, safe, and able to take chances."

  • BA in Elementary Education, University of New England (K-8)
    Minor in Special Education
    NH License: Elementary K-6

    "I believe that a classroom should be a safe, caring environment where children are able to blossom and grow. Building relationships with students is a key part of their success in school."

  • B.S. Elementary Education
    NH License Elementary Education K-6

    "I enjoy helping students as they become more independent learners. Their sense of wonder and discovery is energizing."

  • Class Web Page
    Mrs. Cole earned her Teacher Certification (K-8) and her BA from Plymouth State University with minors in Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry.

    "I LOVE technology and enjoy problem-solving when things aren't going as planned. My other favorite subjects are Math and Science. I love teaching, especially here at SFCS because I can see the impact we make on the students almost immediately. The programs we use definitely are efficient and the ones that aren't are quickly switched out for the newest proven techniques out there. The staff, students and families here are wonderful, and I enjoy every moment I have with them.”

  • Ms. Noonan graduated from Granite State College with a BA in Elementary Education (K-6) as well as a certification in General Special Education (K-12). She is very excited to be joining the SF team this year as the new Language Arts and Social Studies teacher for 5th grade. One of her favorite sayings, "It's a good day to have a good day!", captures her teaching philosophy nicely as she believes that learning occurs best in a positive and upbeat environment.

  • Mrs. Ekeberg graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a BA in Elementary Education and a concentration in math. She believes that every kid needs a champion, and to teach students, you need to let them know that they are a somebody and that they matter every day.

  • Mr. Bergang has a BA in Geography from Clark University, Worcester, MA and a Masters in Secondary Education from Southern NH University. Mr. Bergang says, “I became a teacher because I always enjoyed working with young people. I get a thrill out of seeing my students challenge themselves, take risks, and discover new things about them and the world we live in. I like to provide my students with opportunities to challenge their conventions and ‘think outside of the box.’ Most importantly I like to instill a sense of humor into my daily teaching practice. My classroom is a place where students can feel comfortable and safe sharing their opinions, asking questions and overstepping their own boundaries.

  • B.S. in Middle Childhood Math and Science Education
    NH License: Math and Science 6-8

    My favorite part of Math and Science is allowing students to find patterns and think about the world around them through a different perspective. Strong Foundations is a great place for that.

  • Miss Miner earned her Bachelor’s at Notre Dame College in Manchester, and holds a dual certification in Elementary (K-8) and Special Education. Miss Miner writes, “Where does one begin with a biography? In summary, I've been curious about just about everything since I was an infant. What do you do as an adult so you can keep feeding that curiosity? You become a teacher.

  • Mr. Paris earned his Master’s degrees in English (2008) and History (2000) from the University of New Hampshire. He has taught English at the middle school, high school, and college levels. He is passionate about literature, history, and philosophy. As a teacher, one of his favorite quotations is from Plutarch’s essay, “On Listening,” in which Plutarch writes that “the mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting.”

  • BA from Keene State College in Elementary Edu
    BA from Keene State College in Psychology.
    NH License: K-6

    "I have just started out on my teaching career and already love it. I love the connections I make with each and everyone of my students and knowing I’m making an impact in their lives. Seeing students have that “lightbulb moment”, work through difficult problems, and grow as individuals keeps me coming back excited for my students everyday."

  • Bachelor of Science, Behavioral Science, Granite State College
    K-8 Teaching Certification,Plymouth State University
    M. Ed. Curriculum and Development, Plymouth State University

    "I have a passion for learning and want to inspire that in my students. Developing a strong foundation in reading and writing is critical to a student’s educational and life successes. I strive to help students build their own foundations for their education and their lives by mastering the components of reading and writing and develop a love of reading."

  • M.Ed. Reading-Writing, UT and Plymouth State University
    M.A. Movement/Dance Therapy, New York University
    Teaching FellowNYU Kinesiology
    NH Licenses: Elementary Ed. K-8, Reading-Writing, K-12
    EFM, Education for Ministry, Sewanee, University of the South
    Training for Certification in ESOL, 2021

    "I seek to stimulate self-confidence and an inner love of learning, along with a discovery of personal creativity, and a deep respect for others."

  • B.S. Biology, University of Richmond
    M.S. Environmental Studies and Plant Biology, Ohio University
    Graduate Certificate, TESOL, Plymouth State University

    "My teaching philosophy is to make learning accessible, comprehensible and fun for all my students by tailoring instruction to their individual needs and interests. I also believe strongly in hands-on, interactive learning where the child is fully engaged with both the body and mind. Furthermore, I encourage my students to draw on their varied backgrounds and experiences to inform their reading and writing, and to share these experiences with their peers through meaningful interactions that allow them to practice their listening and speaking skills."

  • B.S. in Elementary Education with minor in Behavioral Science- Framingham State University
    M.Ed in Learning Disabilities-Rivier University
    Grad Cert. Mind, Brain, and Teaching
    NH Licenses: 1811 Elementary ed K-8, 1907 Specific LD (K-12, 1900 Special Ed (K-12)

  • MAT in Art Education
    BFA in Printmaking with a Minor in Psychology
    NH License: K-12

    "I am extremely passionate about the arts of all kinds. It is my mission to spread that passion and joy for creating and self expression in an environment that is safe, inviting, and full of exciting possibilities."

  • Mrs. Forcillo attended Plymouth State University and graduated with a B.S. in Physical Education/Health Education and she holds her teacher certification for grades K-12.

    "My philosophy is that no two children are the same, and teaching physical, social, and emotional skills are particularly important when thinking about this concept. Also, I believe teaching children different life skills that relate to physical activity and health concepts do not need to be tedious or boring, but in fact fun. Students should always try their best, and the rest will follow."

  • AS Electronic engineering

    "My joy in life is time spent outdoors with family and friends. My experience in IT Support has taught me that more important than my own knowledge itself, is imparting knowledge to others and making them feel good about technology."

  • Mr. Dunham graduated from NHTI- Concord's Community College with an AS in Information Technology: Networking

    "Working in IT does not just mean that I fix computers. Instead, it gives me the chance to work with others and build relationships as well as further develop my skills in the field that I love."